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The Winds Have A Mind Of Their Own

The winds are howling
The Stars have hurried home, scared.
Tonight doesn’t seem like
They can do their own thing.

The night is wild,
The calm is gone.
Life has not much choice
At its face stares Chaos.

The moon peeps, takes a look.
Then the clouds shroud it,
in a pale veneer of love
And the winds kiss it.


L.G. May 2016


The things I see.

A regular day.

On my way back from work.

And this I saw.

What’s happening to us?

On the DND. When the labour-class is going home.

A Maruti Ritz in the adjoining lane. We have been matching our steps…

Posted by Lopamudra Ghatak on Friday, 12 February 2016

Don’t look at your phone, he said!

What is happening to us, he asked.

What is? She paused.

We don’t get lost any more when we go out.

No, we consult. We save time, she quipped.

Yes, we save time. We shred romance by looking at GPS.

Ah, stop being so old-world.

She was ready for a spoil.

Not old-world. Just naive.

They looked at each other.

It had just turned 8. The lights at the restaurant has dimmed.

Can you keep your phone away for this evening? His tone was almost pleading.

Can you, she countered?

Yes, I can and I have. He put his hands up in the air.

He looked at her entreatingly, his fists clenched, almost.

Do it, please.
Do any thing but look at your phone.
Look at me.
Better still, look at the waiter who looks like Randeep Hooda.
Roll your eyes at the maitre’d.
Play with your curls and your silver pendant.
Go, flirt with the 50-year-old playing the piano.
Crib about the food so much that the rotund Chef himself is forced to appear.
Close your eyes when you eat the dessert – so that sweet dreams are really sweet.
Play footsie with me.

Whatever you do, don’t look at your phone.

Not today.

While you are with me.

And in another city, Love runs dry!

And in another city,
When the lights have faded
Where the stars look jaded.
The couples hold hands
Their wrinkled skins
Clenched in unison,
Together we sink.

And in another city,
Where the sun doesn’t keep its date
The rain has a mind of its own
Cupid ne’er strikes on its own.
Lovers don’t fight here,
All quarrels are a waste
Most love here runs in a spate.

And in another city,
Heartbreak is not a norm.
Single, solos, stags
Words that all avoid
Like the plague

And I wonder now
I look at the mausoleum
I look at the museum
I look at the writing on the wall
I look at Memories.

Made by lovers
Proclaiming endless love
Against shiny walls
And painted nails.

Like most things true,
Love has runs its course

And in another city
Love has come full circle.

She Says, He Says

She: Let’s have a moment
He: You mean like now?
She: Yes, now!
He: Erm, OK then.

She: Do you miss me when you are not with me?
He: What kind of a question! You know the answer.
She: No, I don’t
He: yeahhh, well. I do!

She: good.
He: what is this for?

The phone buzzes in the coat pocket.

She: You know what they say – quit when ahead
He: Who is the “they”?
She: The universe, the janta
He: And you saying this…?

The phone vibrates again.

She: it’s time to quit, Stud Boy!
He: No, not now!
She: Why not?
He: I need you the most now.

She smiles.

She: But I don’t! Actually, I haven’t for a while now.

The phone rings again.

She: Yes, I am ready.


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